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97 thoughts on “Beautiful Krishna Images

  1. Lord Krishna is the absolute truth.. he is above all and the supreme personality of Godhead…We the devotees of the Lord always put our head on his lotus feet… He will protect and love you if you see him in all and all in him….HARE KRISHNA

  2. Load Krishana is a very kind god of in the word & he’s a very cute of childhood images so cute krishana……….

  3. अगर आप भगवान् के सच्चे भक्त है तो आपको भगवन से कुछ मांगने या कुछ नहीं मांगने दोनों प्रकार की इच्छा नहीं होनी चाहिए।

  4. krishna is the only truth in life.the inner conscience voice is of krishna’s, obey it the world will respond you. leave all bad habits by name of him,he will takecare of you.

  5. My life and my love …he is my love…i love krishnaya……i love my sweet kannya…..krisnam vande jagadgurumm……

  6. I love you my lord Krishna, krishana is my best friend,krishana is my father and mother,Krishna does help me each other. He is my true and really best friend,krishana is my lord,I love you my God krishana.

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