Raj – Design and Developer

Born and Brought up from Belgaum/Karnataka/India. I am doing MCA from Indira Gandhi University, New Delhi. A commerce graduate. I have around 13 years of experience. Initially i started my career in the field of accounts.

When i turn around and look back my 13years, i say “My first job was quite challenging for me”, later i moved to teaching – this was an amazing experience – though i was teacher for few years, i never put myself as a teacher, i always felt i am one among my students and learnt many things from them.

My first change of my career development took during year 2000,  people were much hyped about Y2k, which opened a gate for me to get into the field of  IT world. I still remember my first web page which titled – “Untitled” and named  – “untitled.htm” – now it has become a source of income and passion for me.

I learnt Photoshop from one of my friend, i remember the day when i was asked by him to draw the first image using pen tool, it was an heart – it wasn’t looked perfect until it was applied with bevel effect, that’s  how i started to use Photoshop.. and yes.. that i consider as start point of my Designing career.

Today after so many years of learning efforts, I am able to use all tools for design and development – Photoshop CS5, Dreamweaver CS5, Flash, Silver light, JavaScript, ASP Script, ASP .net, PHP Scripts also i am good in using back ends such as MS-Access, My-SQL, SQL Server, Oracle etc. I also do programming using .net C#, C, C++, Java, JSP, ASP, ASP.net etc.,

Now currently i am preferring mobile app development – IOS, Blackberry, Android, Symbian, windows mobile and web OS.

During all this period i learnt one thing
“Learning never ends in life, one need to remain always as a student”

connect me @ rajbgm@gmail.com


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  2. I very impressed your experince I’m a student of MCA also so your experience is very important of my career so please share your experience for good career guidence. Thank’s for it…….

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