Raj – Design and Developer

Born and Brought up from Belgaum/Karnataka/India. I am doing MCA from Indira Gandhi University, New Delhi. A commerce graduate. I have around 13 years of experience.

When i turn around and look back my 13 years of Experience, i Feel My first job was quite challenging..

I’m self-taught designer focused on user experience and user behavior. I like to innovate and create experience, products and services where users are at the core of thinking process.

From a Designer perspective, i feel my job is to identify problems and think of solutions to solve them. Design is a process of bring ideas through think, speak and communicate, when that’s over, add a little design. Interaction design is the most exciting side of my work. I’m always looking for new tools and techniques to help me design the perfect user interaction.

“Learning never ends in life, one need to remain always as a student”

connect me @ rajbgm@gmail.com

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  2. I very impressed your experince I’m a student of MCA also so your experience is very important of my career so please share your experience for good career guidence. Thank’s for it…….

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