WordPress Dominates


Wordpress Leads

WordPress Leads

WordPress has made all users Blogging so easy with updates, new releases and pathes. WordPress has been a reliable blogging platform for many years and it keeps on going strong. It dominates the blogging platform after being used by 52% of the top blogs in the world.

With over more than 65 million WordPress sites in the world, the platform’s popularity can’t be contested, Pingdom writes.

The aforementioned source grabbed the list of the top 100 blogs in the world from Technorati and tried to identify which blogging platform or CSM the site uses.

Out of the 100 blogs, they managed to identify the platform in use in 94 of them.

Thus, immediately after WordPress, custom platforms were used by 12% of the blogs in the top. These are followed by Drupal, which scored 7% of the total.

Other names on the list include Gawker, TypePad, Blogger, and Tumblr.

For instance, Huffington Post, which is the top website, was built on a movable platform, while TMZ relies on Ceros.

However, Mashable and TechCrunch, which occupy the third and fourth places, were created on WordPress.