About Me

With 10+ years of creative experience i feel, i’m self-taught designer focused on user experience and user behavior. I like to innovate and create experience, products and services where Users are at the core of thinking process. As a designer, my job is to identify problems and think of solutions to solve them. Design is a process of bring ideas through think, speak and communicate, when that’s over, add a little design. Interaction design is the most exciting side of my work. I’m always looking for new tools and Techniques to help me design the perfect user interaction.

Also I help in developing Marketing collateral’s such as Graphic design, Artworks, illustrations, Brochures, Flyers, Online Ads, Trade show Banners, Webinars, Newsletters, Website Designs, PPT presentations, for branding and marketing purposes. Manage and hosting of webinars and prepare / modify presentations to suit specific engagements, develop brand guidelines for company’s in-house and global presence. Maintenance of website, to meet current industry standards.  Development of Search Engine Optimization strategies like Keyword Research for service verticals of the company, Social Media Marketing Activities.  Develop SEO Reports on various parameters. UI Development for various mobile applications on client requirements for Android, iOs, and Windows platforms.

Resume Download

About My Works 

 To See my work portfolio please download the below linked pdf.

Click here to Download the portfolio pdf
updated Portfolio

Reach me @ rajbgm@gmail.com

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