Google Search For Accelerated Mobile Pages To See Content Faster Mobile Phones

To deliver Web content on mobile devices faster (much faster), Google and Twitter, along with over 30 publishers, announced the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Project. It’s like a version of Facebook Instant Articles but in an open standard framework available to publishers, and you can start testing it now.


Google has set up a version for AMP-enabled search here. Its important to note here that this only works on mobile devices, not desktop search.

Go to that link on your smartphone, and you’ll see what looks like the typical Google home page. But below is what a search for “today’s news” looks like on the AMP-enabled page.

You’ll see the notice that this is a demo of AMP, along with a carousel of articles at the top and article listings below. Clicking on the articles in the carousel — New York Times article, for example — brings up the article instantaneously from the bottom of the screen.


As for the articles listed below the carousel, the load time seems on par with regular search, these are not AMP-enabled.

If there aren’t AMP pages in the results, you won’t see the carousel. For example, a search for “Antarctica” this morning did not produce a carousel because there aren’t any related AMP pages to display.



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