Good Design Methodology

Good Design

Good Design

The goal of the design is to arrive at solid design solutions in a collaborative setting using the process, which will be explained in this article, of illuminate, sketch, present critique, and iterate. Multiple cycles of this process are run individually at first, then eventually run as teams, which allows us to arrive at some solid concepts by the end of the day. Along the way, the process helps develop greater trust amongst participants, and surfaces unknown requirements from key stakeholders. Inventing a good design involves:

  1. Define
  2. Research
  3. Brainstorm
  4. Sketch & Wireframe
  5. Design
  6. Review & Revise

It is critical to come to a conclusion of a project without having a methodology, its important to define the entire project methodology, as it helps everyone to make clear decision about the objective scope and timelines for a design development.

Think about the targeted audience for ascertaining how they complete their task using best practice methods. Gather requirements, business functions, user and functional requirements.

Research is always considered as imperative to achieve success in any business. Research to gather ideas and gain knowledge of competitions is always important part of design. It ensures truly evidence based design which helps in exploring and problem solving.

Use brainstorming to start to share and develop initial ideas and interaction concepts. It is an iterative process resulting in problem solving and design solutions.

Sketch & Wireframe
Sketching/Wire framing (ranging from hand drawn sketches through to high fidelity wire frames) is a key part of design process. This allows to explore design choices, conceptualize functionality, and test theories with users, stakeholders, designers, and developers prior to starting development.

Good design begins with defining the problem. A solution cannot be reached until there is a firm understanding of the problem, Understanding the problem and draw design accordingly is a best way of concluding a design into implementation.

Review & Revise of Design
Feedback is most important part of designing, Redesigning on the basis of user testing/feedback substantially improves design usability. Gathering and analyzing user feedback throughout the process helps define key areas of improvement.


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