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Google’s New SEO Update

HTTPS as a ranking signal

Google's SEO update

Google’s SEO update


As Per the recent updated from google “Security is a considered as top priority for Google” and will be considered as important factor for google Ranking.

The idea behind this update is to make the Internet safer more broadly. A big part of that is making sure that websites people access from Google are secure. they have also created resources to help webmasters prevent and fix security breaches on their sites.

In the coming weeks, Google will publish detailed best practices to make TLS adoption easier, and to avoid common mistakes.

Tips to get started:

1. Decide the kind of certificate you need: single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate
2. Use 2048-bit key certificates
3. Use relative URLs for resources that reside on the same secure domain
4. Use protocol relative URLs for all other domains
5. Check out our Site move article for more guidelines on how to change your website’s address
6. Don’t block your HTTPS site from crawling using robots.txt
7. Allow indexing of your pages by search engines where possible. Avoid the noindex robots meta tag.

If your website is already serving on HTTPS, you can test its security level and configuration with the Google’s Qualys Lab tool. If you are concerned about TLS and your site’s performance, have a look at Is TLS fast yet?. And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to post in google’s Webmaster Help Forums.