Apple Launches New iOS 7 Beta

Apple Launches New iOS 7 Beta

Apple Launches New iOS 7 Beta

Apple released the latest beta of iOS 7, bringing forth changes and improvements for the pre-release software and iPad support.

iOS 7 started with a desire to take an experience people love and make it better. To make it even simpler, more useful, and more enjoyable — but still feel instantly familiar. The design of iOS 7 is beautiful because it’s all of those things. And it’s the start of a new chapter for iOS.

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Google’s Matt Cutts On SEO Industry Misconceptions

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, released another video today naming What are some misconceptions in the SEO industry?

Social Media

Social Media


In short, Matt has outlined important three topics in this video, According to Matts

(1) SEOs confuse algorithm updates with data refreshes.

(2) Panda & Penguin algorithms are not about making Google more money in the short term.

(3) SEOs spend too much energy and time focused on link building and only thinking about search engines.

Algorithm Updates Versus Data Refreshes:
Matt has explained clearly that one of the biggest misconceptions of SEO industry people is, he sees in the industry is that SEOs often confuse data refreshes and algorithmic updates. This is a topic we covered before at least once, but in short, here is the difference. An algorithm update is when Google changes the algorithm on how the search results are ranked, indexed or filtered. A data refresh is when Google updates the data where the algorithm runs. For example, we had a Penguin update recently; and, that last update was an algorithm update. There was a change to how the algorithm worked. Prior to that, Penguin 3 and 2 were mostly just data refreshes.

Panda & Penguin Updates Are Not About Revenue Gains For Google:
There are many people in the industry that feel Google releases algorithm updates, such as the Panda and Penguin updates with short-term goals of increasing their revenues. Matt said that is absolutely false and the algorithm and organic search results are completely separated from revenue goals.

In Addition, Matt has also added that in one of the older earnings report, Panda was listed as a reason why Google’s revenues may not be as high in future quarters. Simply because Panda may have short-term negative impact on Google’s revenues. Why? Because Panda’s goal was to eliminate low-quality content sites that monetized mostly over AdSense revenue.

Then, Matt goes into explaining how Google looks at long-term goals, making the searcher happy, so they come back and search more. Google has methods for letting users take their data and leave. Google is rarely interested in short-term revenue goals, Matt added a few times.

SEOs Focus Too Much On Link Building & Search Engines:
The final point of focus of Matt in the video is about discussing what SEOs spend too much energy focusing on. They include link building and search engines, as opposed to their users. Matt said they can spend more time on social media and other areas to help build awareness of their sites.

He then discusses how the history of great sites, those sites generally focus on design and user experience first. This way the user is happy and recommends it to others. Matt added that Craigslist is a great site; but, their user experience is not great. So, there are many startups that come in and beat them on user experience to take over in some niches.

How to create a professional Brochure

How to create a professional Brochure

One of the best and fastest ways people find information about places and things that they do not know, is through reading. Considering that during these days we all have a very busy lifestyle, its often happens that people just want a quick overview about the subject. Here comes the need for a brochure. Businesses often use brochures to inform, educate, or persuade — quickly. They use a brochure to grab the readers attention and get them interested enough to want to know more.

Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure

For example, a brochure for a small organiasation may need a map, a list of all locations in that city, and a short description about their products and services. A brochure about a travel agency should have images of places that you could spend your vacation, special offers or discounts, making you want to visit that city or country.

Rules for planning your brochure
Determine where your brochure functions in the buying process

Your approach to how you want to make the sale is a major factor in how you write your brochure. You must also study the market where your product will be active.

● Important rule : The purpose of this type of brochure is to be left after meeting a potential customer.
● Point-of-sale : For example, this type of brochure you may pick up while waiting in line at the bank.
● Respond to Inquiries: If someone asks specific information about your product, you can give him this type of brochure.
● Mail brochure: The purpose of this brochure is to be sent by mail (classic or electronic email).
● Brochure as a support tool: This type of brochure is used as a selling aid through a sales pitch.

Get to know who is your Customer

After once all things are determined where your brochure fits into the buying process, don’t forget to target that particular audience. Use an appropriate language for the target audience and give them exactly what they want to know. If for example the brochure is dedicated to children, is not recommended to use a very complicated vocabulary or a trivial font. Try to send the message through images and colors.

Complete, Accurate and Thorough Information

Your brochure is like a book because it tells a story about your product or your service. It should have a beginning, an end, a front cover and a back cover. Take the time to really think about the information you want to include. Brochures need to contain as much information as possible to get your potential customer to the next step – the purchase. However, if you’re not providing them with useful information your brochure could be thrown away as soon as they received it.

How to create your brochure

The cover
The cover must contain a strong selling message. The cover must convince the reader to flip open your brochure. So: no selling message = no motivation to open the brochure.

Less is more
Use short sections broken up with a headline and a subhead. This will invite your potential customer to read on instead of scaring him away.

Images chosen intelligently
The fastest way you can show readers what you offer them is using images. Use intelligent images that are strictly related to the message you want to send. Use a map to show where your company is located, various products with their features and/or proof of performance graphs to present factual information about your product.

Contact information
A vital piece of information that seems so obvious, yet in the creation process it’s sometimes left out is your contact information. Make sure that in your brochure people can find things like: your company name, logo, address, telephone number, fax, email or web address. Give directions to your location in your brochure if the customers need to come to you. If you’re located next to a landmark of some sort, tell them that too. That way, they have a mental picture of your whereabouts.

Make your brochure worth keeping
Give reasons to a customer to hang on to that brochure, even if they decide not use your product right away. Brochures can really help boost your company’s sales,both now and in the future so think what can you write in it so that a potential customer will keep it.

Guidelines & Strategies
1. Create accurate models and mock-ups for your brochure. Cut and fold your brochure to size. Use the same type of paper that you will ultimately print on, and review your work.

2. Most readers at first will only read headlines, subheads, and captions. These must give the benefits and the motivation so that your readers will want to read the rest of the copy.

3. Use high quality photographs of your products, or people using your products. Pictures are really worth a thousand words in brochure design.

4. Make sure all contact information is on the brochure. People pass these things along, so make sure your phone number goes along too.

5. Collect brochures from other companies, especially your competitors and see what do you like and why.

6. Be careful with your choice of colors because colors represent different things in different industries.

7. Crowded copy is hard to read so use white space in your brochure design.

8. A conservative brochure design is boring. Create a brochure that is easy to read and interesting to look at.

9. Stick to two typefaces, and strictly limit your use of bold, capitalization, underline, etc. By emphasizing everything, you emphasize nothing. Keep your font layout simple in your brochure design.

10. Try not to use more than five or six lines in each paragraph, try not to use more than two or three sentences per paragraph, leave a space between paragraphs, and do not indent them.

11. Know what your reader wants. You must write your brochure from the reader’s point of view. A good way to organize your points is to write down the questions you think a potential customer might have, and the answers your brochure might supply.

12. Motivate your reader to look inside. Remember, the first page your reader will see is the front cover so if you get it wrong you lost the sale.

13. Alter the shape. Using your imagination when designing your brochure can produce better than average results. Your brochure doesn`t have to be A4. Selling sandwiches? You can design a brochure in the shape of a sandwich. Season tickets to soccer matches? Design it in the shape of a soccer ball.

Remember, a brochure send important information using limited resources so before handing it to a potential client, you must be sure it’s perfect.


Graciously I accept the beautiful award that Summer has conferred upon me,”INNER PEACE AWARD”. Summer believe s in world peace and wants everyone who believes and respects the other person is a part of this.

A noble way of thanking the readers and followers ,this is unique and precious.

Peace is a free choice, so is this Award for you...

Such a simple yet important phrase” inner peace,we all struggle to get this for a moment and yet fail to do so,when we fall prey to the lures of the outside world.

Rarer are those who who have kind words for others and who think high and for the welfare of others through tehir selfless words and actions.

Here in this blogging world,all we can do is to explore and expand the words of wisdom of peace which is the need of the hour in this world. The pure bonds of affection tie us with this silken thread of faith.

Let us strive more to make this world a wonderful place to live .

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I would like to pass on this award to :

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I know I have missed out many of my friends here,yet believe the award will reach will you all soon ,through others.