How to use Facebook for Business

How to use Facebook for Business

How to use Facebook for Business

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media networks and its users are increasing millions as it is growing to a vast extent. Due to its vast base of users, it takes no effort to acknowledge its influence and any company will jump on the bandwagon to utilize Facebook because it allows them to boost their brands or products also in the same time engage with possible clients, resulting good improved sales activity. It is convenient for a company to create a Facebook page, publish their profile and products however, setting up a Facebook page that receive many “likes” and a huge fan base is never an easy task.

Start a Facebook business page and set up a profile to bring your business into the public view. This works wonders for local businesses and small concerns. It is equally effective for large global corporations. There are many types of businesses that have been using Facebook successfully. From billion dollar entities to non-profit setups to charities, Facebook has become the preferred tool for online marketing for all organizations. Here are some innovative ways small businesses can use Facebook and capitalize on the power of this social giant.

Provide Information About your Business: Your Facebook profile is an online manifestation of your business, its reflection of your business and the image that it wants to achieve. Hence, there are several things you have to be careful about when designing the profile. The way your profile looks will determine how the visitors react. Making a good impression on the users converts them into customers, which is what you should aim for. The most important thing to do when making your profile is to provide accurate and detailed information about your business. Put in as much information as you deem relevant. There are various headings under which you can fill in the data so select carefully. This helps the visitors learn about your business, what you do and what you offer that is different from others. Moreover, providing comprehensive information enables you to gain the trust of your visitors. Trust building is vital for building long-term relationships and enhancing customer loyalty. This does not mean that you drown the visitors with information. Stick to relevance as the sole criteria.

Integrate Facebook connect buttons into your company website: Website visitors can easily connect to Facebook with the click of a button, enabling small business owners to maintain contact with potential customers even if they never return to the website.

Be responsive: Josh Grossman of e-Coupon service SavingStar says his company uses Facebook to communicate with customers and makes a point to respond to every question and comment promptly. Small businesses often thrive on personal interaction, and Facebook is a useful tool.

Make it easy to share content: Grossman explains, “Every coupon we post on SavingStar has a Facebook like button. Each coupon gets dozens or even hundreds of likes, helping to spread the word with users’ Facebook friends. All of our blog posts also have Facebook like and send buttons, and we use the Facebook comments plugin to make it easy for users to comment and share those comments with their Facebook friends.”

Don’t make it all about you: Merrick Pickens, from Oak Mortgage Group in Texas, points out that expanding content to different topics can be beneficial. “We do not post mundane mortgage information,” he explains. “Instead we highlight top interior designers, local restaurants, retail and entertainment people that our demographic would find appealing. We also offer discount codes to our favorite hangout spots. So people follow Oak Mortgage Group in order to catch the latest trends.”

Promote events: HireClix, a recruitment marketing agency based in Boston, regularly uses Facebook to advertise free seminars and webinars, in addition to utilizing the platform to promote job fairs for its clients. The same tactic can be used for retail sales and special offers.

Emphasizing the Customer Benefits: With the large number of businesses vying for the customers’ attention, you have to stand out from the crowd. Otherwise you will be just one of the hundreds of businesses that are there. When you are putting in the effort of creating a Facebook page, it is important that you use it to the optimum potential. The best way to make a good impression on the visitors and catch their attention is by emphasizing on how they can benefit by buying your products.

Instead of going for a self-centered approach, focus on the consumers’ interests and you will see an improvement in your sales. Unless you can convince the visitors about the benefits your business provides to them, they are going to rush off to your competitors. In retrospection, focusing on your business and how great it is will drive customers away. Your rivals will benefit as a result of your self-centered approach.

Posting Pictures: Images speak a thousand words, even more on the internet. Catching the users’ attention is easier when you have a visual depiction. Instead of putting up large blocks of text, put a few catchy images that are likely to attract the target audience you are aiming for. Finding photos relevant to your business should not be a major problem. However, you have to make sure that you don’t just put plain photos of your products or your office or something like that. This does not create a good image for your company. Engaging photos are the ones in which people are shown using your products or those that issue a call to action to the consumers. A great tactic is to get your fans and customers to post photos of them using your products. Facebook branding becomes much easier when you choose the right pictures to post and your customers chip in with their contributions.

Enhancing Your Online Presence: Every business, regardless of the scale of its operations, needs to have a strong online presence to thrive. By using Facebook, you take a giant step in that direction. Through Facebook, you can multiply the traffic to your business’ website. The increase in traffic is bound to translate to more sales in the future. Moreover, your business becomes more visible on Facebook. By making regular updates and sharing information, you enhance the online presence substantially. Greater usage of Facebook acts as good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business. As a result, your website is ranked higher by Google and other major search engines. The overall effect is that more people will visit your website than before.

Buy Facebook Fans: Your Facebook page is only as good as the number of fans you have. The level of activity of your business on Facebook is heavily reliant on the fans your page attracts. Sometimes, your best efforts to attract people do not reap dividends. Yet, it is imperative that you get people to ‘like’ your page and share content related to your business. Otherwise the main purpose of your business page is not fulfilled. One of the easiest ways in which you can increase Facebook fans on your page is by buying them. You may not be aware of the fact that Facebook ‘likes’ are traded openly through various websites and forums. The best thing about getting Facebook fans is that they are quite cheap. You can easily buy 20 to 25 fans for every $1 you spend. You don’t need millions of fans anyways so spending around $100 can significantly boost the traffic of your Facebook page.

Selling Through Facebook: You can pretty much conduct your transactions through Facebook. Upload your catalogue to your fan page and the fans will be able to browse through your range of prices and decide whether they want to become your customers. Using Facebook for making direct sales can work wonders to boost the sales revenue of your business. You can lure more people to purchase your products by offering them special discounts and bonuses which they can only avail if they are buying through Facebook. One of the best things about Facebook is that you can target offshore customers. This is a consideration if you want to make your business known beyond borders. Using Facebook for this purpose can deliver results.

Using Facebook for marketing is now commonplace for all business people, ranging from small business people to Huge industrialists. If you are not engaged in online marketing using social media, you are lagging far behind your customers also a bad reflection on business. As you can see in the tips listed above, Facebook is one of the best ways to promote your business and brand. Don’t lose out on customers just because you don’t have a Facebook page!!! It takes only few minutes to create and engage people on facebook fan page.


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