How to Build a Power Network Using LinkedIN

Build a ‘Power Network’ Using LinkedIN

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest, these are considered as main platforms by many social media experts, who claim these can be the linchpin in developing your online presence. Off course they all are useful marketing tools, there’s another social network that can be more effective in generating leads and sales and yes that is LinkedIn.

While your competitors are busy spinning their wheels getting “likes” on Facebook and sending a barrage of tweets on Twitter, you can use different tactics on LinkedIn to build an online presence and generate profitable prospects.

Here Few Tips which can Boost up your Lead Generation through LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile optimization: Profiles with no pics and different are always of less impression, its always good to have your own pic for the profile, that creates good impression of you when a third person visits your profile for some information about you. One of the easiest way is to update your profile picture. LinkedIn views this as a kind of freshness and it helps your ranking when others are searching for someone of your information based on a skill.

Tell people who you are, who you help and how you help them in your headline: 
A headline that communicates these points is often what grabs a person’s attention when searching the site. I should be able to read your headline and know exactly what you offer and why I should get in touch with you. Be clear and compelling.

Work Experience in Profile: Update your all experience in your profile, even a six month experience needs to be updated it gives a clear understanding about your experience and your loyalty to others about you. You never know who’s looking for you, possibly a co-worker from an old job, or maybe a classmate that’s suddenly feeling nostalgic and wants to see who they can find online. By listing all of your places of employment — including your educational institutions — you can create a larger net for capturing searches. Plus, these connections could be second- or third-tier connections to people you’ve been trying to meet.

Join targeted groups: Joining all groups is always not a good practice of increasing your network, join only those groups of your skills and background. This can be one of the most effective ways to connect with like-minded professionals who are serious about using LinkedIn to form deeper business connections. Participating in these groups also enables you to share your knowledge and to learn from other members.

Create a targeted group: Not only can leading a group give you a certain level of credibility, it allows you to connect with people who are influential within your specific industry.

Send personal invites: Never ignore any invitation which is asking you to connect with them, coz never no who is looking for you, These, in my opinion, always trump generic requests to connect. The invite is your first communication on LinkedIn, so make a good first impression by writing a personal request and asking how you can help the person, or whom you can introduce them to.

Get endorsements and recommendations:
Recommendations and Endorsement of your skills and work is very important, this shows your expertise knowledge and impressive work in organizations you worked for. Always ask your CEO’s, managers, and your friends to give recommendations and endorsement of your work done in their organizations. This can help enhance your profile, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this. Don’t send a mass or generic e-mail to clients or colleagues asking if they can endorse your skills or write a recommendation. First, identify people who have a great story to share about you and your skills. Contact those people directly, via phone or e-mail, and let them know you’re personally reaching out to them because of (insert how you’ve helped them here) and would appreciate it if they’d be willing to write a quick recommendation for you, based on that story.

The same goes for endorsements, which are much easier to give since it’s just a click of a button. It also helps if you mention you’ll be endorsing their strongest skills as well.

Apart from the above what are the ways you all prefer to grow your network on LinkedIn please do share with us in the form of comments.

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