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How do you build buzz in social media? What makes social media real-life marketing events successful? It is not one thing in particular, but many things like your vision, the people you involve, and the strategies you employ makes difference in creating buzz around. Be action-oriented and true to the principles that make social media the dynamic, global platform that it is, these things can do wonders in social media marketing. Successful as independent campaigns, tweet-ups can also be combined with broader digital strategies that build on the awareness of an event by driving traffic to an optimized website, bolgs, personal profiles  and engaging visitors through carefully crafted calls to action. Companies increasingly love “Tweet-Ready Marketing Events.” Influential tweeters build up buzz for the event and lasting awareness for the brand that sponsors it. This has been a big trend since late 2011. Video is emerging as a crucial element of social media gatherings. Though not a staple of tweet-ups in the past, video is now a necessary tool to promote the event and elevate the brand’s presence in the social space and search. A diverse organizing team that looks and acts like social media brings tremendous benefits. Rich diversity in ethnicity, race, gender and geography significantly broaden the reach within the target audiences. Social media marketing is all the rage these days. More and more companies and individuals are turning to the social web to promote their products and services and to build and maintain customer relationships. But leveraging platforms of user-generated content for marketing purposes is still a new game with its own evolving rules and best practices. Even the experts are still figuring them out; an awful lot of people are still experimenting. Still, some basic principles and strategies have emerged.

“The great value of social media is that it creates a two-way connection — an opportunity to build a stronger bond with your audience”

Few Key principles of social media marketing which can create wonders for you: Don’t Keep on  advertising —engage! People come to Facebook to socialize, to be entertained, and to get useful information, but almost nobody comes for the deliberate purpose of being advertised to. To reach people on Facebook, you need to grab their attention by giving them something they need. See “Free ice cream: Delivering value to your fans” (below) for more on this.


Show, don’t tell–  Remember that the best way to persuade Facebookers that you have something great to offer is to use Facebook’s sharing tools to give them a taste of how great that something is, rather than just telling them about it.

Don’t just talk—listen
. The great value of social media is that it creates a two-way connection: an opportunity to build a stronger bond with your audience by listening to what they have to tell you and responding to them directly. In a world where customers who try to contact companies are routinely greeted with, “Please listen carefully because our voice menu options have changed,” genuine communication is a killer app. If fans know they can get your ear by visiting your Facebook Page, that can do wonderful things for your traffic.

Responsiveness matters – One of the worst things you can do is set up a Facebook Page and then neglect it. Make sure that you have one or more people keeping an eye on the Page on a daily basis to respond to comments and questions in a timely fashion. You want your customers to feel like there’s a real live person on the other end of the metaphorical line when they post on your Wall (as opposed to the feeling of talking to, you know, an ordinary wall).

Practice good customer service– In one of my early retail jobs, a wise manager pointed out to me that when customers complain, the main thing they often want is an opportunity to voice their frustration and know it’s been heard—a chance to vent. It’s amazing how quickly you can turn their frowns upside down (or at least smooth them out a little) if you give people a sympathetic ear, acknowledge their frustration, and demonstrate your desire to make things better.

10 principles at work in Social Networking ( Social Networks are Invisible…even in the age of social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and MySpace No matter how hard you try you cannot find the “strength of the tie” and this comes down to the privacy of the networks people don’t reveal their true network ties there is a lot of  noise in the data that comes from these sites People Link With Other Who Are Similar To Them – An example of this is that each sport has it’s own social network, Golfers hang out with golfers and compare notes on things like golf clubs. This “Homophily Principle” has 2 basic implications.

They tend to form clusters – The more similar your employees are to your customers the easier the communications will be.

People Who Are Similar To Each Other Form clusters
This can be simply shown with examples of why do Hells Angels travel in packs or girls in second grade play together. Clusters can informally adopt products together such as “Apple” fanatics. Note: If you product becomes the standard within a cluster , it makes it difficult for competitors to uproot you from this position.

Buzz Spreads Through Common Nodes –
This means that even though we as human beings might have only “6 degrees of separation” that transferring buzz between different structures or nodes has a high degree of friction.



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