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If we go back to ages we might remember stories of our grandpa and grandma, the way they use to make us realize things using stories, all of them were all sweet memories as well learning lessons of morality. No we have all moved into a world where everything works and speaks with the use of technology. Social media and its advantages have changed the concept of human livings.

Story teller and Stories

Its now Quikstory who is in the news as new story teller to all people who live on Social medias, is a new social media site where people come together to create and write a story about a particular topic (or no topic at all).   Here’s the catch – once you start a story, you have only 1,000 characters to tell your part of the story and you can’t continue the story until at least one person has added to your Qwikstory.

Starting a Qwikstory is simple.  When logged into your account, simple click on “Start a Qwikstory” and enter all of the details.   You get to name your Qwikstory, and then you can elect to add an image to use as the cover.After that, you will be taken to a screen where you can make a few more decisions about your Qwikstory.  For example, you can make your Qwikstory public, which means that anyone can add the next part.  Or, you can make your new Qwikstory private, which means only those people that you invite can continue your Qwikstory.   After that, you can choose whether or not you want to approve any additions to your Qwikstory.   If you choose not to approve the additions, then any time someone continues your Qwikstory, the continued portion will automatically appear as part of your Qwikstory.  If you choose to approve the additions, then you will receive an email alert and be given the chance to approve or reject the addition by clicking the “My Original Qwikstories” in the “My Account” portion of the site.  There, you will be given the chance to review the new addition before it becomes part of your Qwikstory.If you would like to continue a Qwikstory, simply click on the “My Invitations” tab on the “My Account” screen and you can select from the multitude of invitations that you have received.

Hima says in her Blog (

SQuikstory gives you many categories to write on. Such as:

  • Action/ Adventure
  • Children
  • Comedy
  • Erotic
  • General
  • Horror
  • Misty
  • Politics
  • Religious
  • Romance
  • Science
  • Science fiction/ fantasy
  • Sports
  • Suspense/ thriller
  • Western

An interesting feature of the site is its search feature that give access to a database that enables members to locate:

  • Qwikstory Topic: Gives you many topics to search your interest.
  • Top Qwikstories: List of  Qwickstories which is contributed by many users.
  • Qwikstory Users: Look at the list. May you find your friends.
  • Newest Qwikstories: New fishes in the sea.
  • Hot Qwikstories: List of hot Qwikstories as of now. So users can easily view which ones are getting the most traffic and drawing in the most readers.

Qwikstory also has the facility for members to send out invitations to friends and reading other persons’ Qwikstories.

“Simply put is site that facilitates collaborative online story writing experience,” the site owner said.

Creator B.E. McFadden states that “Qwikstory is meant to foster a sense of teamwork and personal thought.”

McFadden says he grew restless with the atmosphere of traditional social networking that encouraged the sharing of “useless information” which didn’t require a great deal of communication, reading or writing skills.

“I wanted to come up with a concept that combines the good aspects of Facebook and Twitter while also trying to give people the opportunity to interact with their friends in a creative way,” McFadden says.

While the site has only just been developed, there is already talk of a new feature that will aim to collect the entire story after it is completed and create it into a printable or e-book format available for purchase.

Joining is easy – and free.

“If you have an existing Facebook or Twitter account, you can quickly login with either account on the home page at,” said the site’s owner.

“Or, if you prefer, you can join by clicking the link below:,” the site owner added.

Now let’s wait and watch how much new bird will get attention in Social Marketing.Let me know your reviews and thought about

Well I am a true lover of stories, I am their to read your stories and write stories.. What are you waiting for come and join me on Looking forward to read your stories to tell stories.