52% of Social Media Budgets Spent on Social Networking

Coffee, Codes and Marketing

52% of organizations’ social media budgets are estimated to be allocated to social networking, while 13% are spent on blogs, 11% on micro-blogging, and 7% on wikis, per results from an IDC Global Technology and Industry Research Organization survey released in July 2012.

Looking at the Industry distribution,
  • Retail allocates the largest proportion of its budgets to social networks (60.3%)
  •  while communication and media dedicates the most to micro-blogging (14.3%)
  • Process manufacturing and securities and investment services are the top industries in terms of percentage of social media budgets devoted to blogs and wikis, respectively.

Most concerned task : Increasing awareness of Product/ Service

Increased awareness of products and/or services; gathering feedback from customers on products and services and engaging customers more deeply; and helping employees be more effective are  top drivers of social media usage.

Most difficult task : Managing posted content

Data from the “IDC Global Technology and…

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