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A Field Guide to Web Apps

By  | 15 February 2012 | Category: CodeDesignHTML5MobileWeb Apps,Web Industry

Field Guide to Web Apps

Bert Appward of the Google team recently released a superb interactive book titled “Field Guide to Web Applications“. Through the literature Bert presents the best skills and practices of building modern web apps. The guide covers the following topics:


Not only is it a great read but a fun experience. The guide has an almost tangible feel to it as the pages flip and has a strong emphasis on texture. I recommend checking it out.


Free Video: Getting Started with Accessibility

By  | 14 February 2012 | Category: Accessibility

In this 5 minute video, you’ll gain a broad understanding of accessibility and learn about its place in web design and development.

This video is from Treehouse, a high-quality video training site with hundreds of short videos on topics like …

New videos are added regularly, so it’s a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest technology and methods. Browse the entire library of videos.


Detect What A Mobile App Is Sending To Its Servers

By  | 13 February 2012 | Category: Asides

Recently there has been a lot of chatter about mobile apps uploading your entire address book to their servers. The app makers claim that their intentions are noble, yet they have no right to the data unless you give consent. As an informed consumer, we should learn how to detect that an app is phoning home and what information it is sending.


Are There Problems Web Apps Can’t Solve?

By  | 09 February 2012 | Category: Asides

I’m a developer, have been for a long time. I’ve been wrting code for the web for the past decade in my life. I think I might be stuck in a bubble, I look to the web to solve problems that can be solved better in simpler ways. And looking around, I know I am not the only one.

I want to tell you a story of a couple of problems that we’ve tried to solve several times with technology, when all we needed was a couple dollars worth of office supplies.


Free Video: Getting started with iOS development

By  | 07 February 2012 | Category: iOS

In this 6 minute video, we will get you started with iOS development by learning about the benefits of Apple’s iOS Dev center and how to gain access to the integrated development environment (IDE) called Xcode.

This video is from Treehouse, a high-quality video training site with hundreds of short videos on topics like …

New videos are added regularly, so it’s a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest technology and methods. Browse the entire library of videos.


Future Insights Live – Early Birds Extended!

By  | 06 February 2012 | Category: Events

If you caught Ryan’s article last week, he told you about our brand new, not to be missed Vegas event – Future Insights Live! We’ve combined the Future of Web Apps, Design and Mobile into one massive five day event all geared toward you! Whether you’re a Web Designer, Developer or Entrepreneur there will be something for everyone.

We are launching a brand new scheduling app within the next couple of weeks which will list full details of the huge conference schedule and give you an overall feel for the event. So with that in mind, we have decided to extend our Early Birds (saving you $200) until 24th Feb! That way you can see EXACTLY what you’re paying for.

We’ll be launching the full schedule by the end of the week, so please check it out and join us for our biggest event yet!

Sponsored post brought to you by carsonified


Full Day Web Design Workshops: Which Would You Pick?

By  | 02 February 2012 | Category: BusinessEventsMobileUX

At Carsonified Towers, we’re all getting super excited for May, when The Future of Web Design hits London for another three days of learning and inspiration. As ever, we kick off the show with four full-day workshops – each lead by a totally inspirational industry leader. From 9am am to 5pm, we’ll be rolling up our sleeves and knuckling down for a serious hit of web savvy. Numbers are capped at 40 for each workshop, ensuring a great learning environment.

This year’s chosen workshop topics are already proving popular. First up, we’ve got the unstoppable force of web awesomeness that is Paul Boag. Director of Headscape, Paul will be leading a crash course in Running A Successful Web Design Business: ”We like to think that being a successful independent web designer is about creating great websites. Its not. Running your own business is about a lot more than having the right professional skills. ”

After wowing the crowds as a Rising Star back in 2011, Steve Fisher has rapidly become one of our most popular speakers. He’ll be joining us again in London to lead his Rock Solid UX Deliverables workshop: “No longer something that has to always be hugely complex and costly, we’ll cover the back-to-basics approach to UX design in this workshop and how to practically dispatch a rock solid responsive web design UX deliverables package.” 

Next up, creator of the uber popular Coach to 5K app, Josh Clark will be crossing the Atlantic to deliver his Teaching Touch workshop – a sell out success at FOWD NYC last year: “The workshop presents nitty-gritty ‘rule of thumb’ design techniques that together form a framework for crafting finger-friendly interface metaphors, affordances, and gestures for a new generation of mobile apps that inform and delight.

Last but not least, longtime Carsonified favourites, the Web Standardistas will be joining the fun, to teach their Good Ideas Grow On Paper workshop: “Armed with some fundamental design principles and an abundance of tools – which naturally includes the Standardistas’ ‘Bag of Awesome™’ (containing a veritable cornucopia of material) – we show the aspiring analogue designer a range of methods for breaking out of the stranglehold of the often clichéd digital world.

Which workshop appeals the most to you? For detailed information on all of them, head on over to our schedule page

Thanks to Nationaal Archief  for the photo used above.

Sponsored post brought to you by Carsonified


SQL Fiddle

By  | 02 February 2012 | Category: Asides

If you like jsFiddle, then you will love SQL Fiddle. It allows you to select a database, build a schema, populate the schema and run queries against it. The service currently supports MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL. Why is this interesting? You can compare databases, post questions to forums along with your schema and query or just prototype an idea.


Free Video: Control Flow

By  | 02 February 2012 | Category: Ruby

In this 4 minute video, you will learn about the concept of control flow in Ruby. This goes in to using if/else statements and case statements

A screenshot from the Control Flow video demonstrating a case statement.

This video is from Treehouse, a high-quality video training site with hundreds of short videos on topics like …

New videos are added regularly, so it’s a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest technology and methods. Browse the entire library of videos.


Git For Designers (Part 1)

By  | 01 February 2012 | Category: CodeDesign

Hi designers! I’m not a designer. Sorry. I’m a developer. I can barely tell when things look good or not. This week I learned that there are different ampersands out there (thanks, Allison!). But that’s not why I’m writing today. We all have to work together. Professionally, one way we do that is by using version control. A version control system tracks changes to your code. There are a lot of different version control systems out there. Today we’ll be talking about git. Specifically, as it relates to designers making web sites.


Showcase of the Best Google Fonts

By  | 01 February 2012 | Category: TypographyWeb Fonts

It’s no secret that I am in love with Google Fonts. In fact, I use Google Fonts frequently in Treehouse videos. 🙂

A screenshot of sans-serif typography that replicates the text from Darwin's book The Origin of Species.

The ongoing drawback to Google Fonts has been the smaller selection compared to other font services, but that’s rapidly changing. Even better, an editorialized web page called “Beautiful Web Type” has popped up that showcases the best fonts that Google has to offer. Loving this!


Styling Images with CSS3

By  | 31 January 2012 | Category: CodeCSS3DesignUser Interface

Nick La over at Web Designer Wall put together a great article on how to style images with CSS3. The styles include: Basic Style(rounded corners), Embossed Style, Soft Embossed Style, Cutout Style and Glossy Overlay. I personally love the Embossed Style, it’s ideal for interface buttons. Originally Nick ran into some issues when styling for a responsive layout. He quickly fixed them with an alternate solution. Check out the article to see his solution. Great job Nick, we appreciate the tips and tricks!

View the Tutorial
Demo Page

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